Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Music Industry Influence

Music Industry Influence
Influence is a necessary concept for an organization such as ours. We, at Wine of Australia, must have a clear vision of how to approach the masses: how people struggle in their daily lives, and figure out a Music concept that helps communities in their fight as well as spread knowledge among the masses about the hardships of life and how to cope with them. We are here to build a Music nation that influences people to become better versions of themselves than what they are today.
Some famous Australian Music Artists are the prime examples of how Music moves people. A lot of musicians develop their content in artistic ways that their audience can relate to. The tone and the vocals have a story that Musicians depict through their songs. But the story becomes extra magical and turns an audience into a fanbase when it has an objective. Fans have an emotional connection to their favorite musicians. That is what we aim to achieve here at Wine of Australia. In a similar way, we wish to be the stirring cause that moves communities to stand up to their fears, and be counted as people who bring up others!

Influential Australian Music Artists
The easiest way to see just how Music influences people is to analyse the work of some Influential Australian Music Artists. These Artists have been consistent in the field for a lot many years. They are veterans of the Music industry, with large fanbases. As much as their fans love them, they have their fair share of antagonists. Either way, these Australians have the power to influence the people through their work.
Our focus is on Four Australian Artists in the Music industry, starting with:

1. Iggy Azalea
Iggy Azalea is a June, 1990, born female Australian whose carrier boomed after moving to America. She started off young in the music industry: at the age of 16. Ever since, she has been a hit in the industry as a sassy Rapper and Hip-hop star with her own style of singing. Through her work, she has garnered many fans all over the world.
But all is not rosy in the life of Iggy Azalea. She has had a hard life for non-music reasons. One may say her actions are the cause of all the controversy in her life. There have been many incidents in her life that have raised questions about her character and private life.
In her song “Drugs”, she claims to be a slave-master. As much as Rap lyrics contain a lot of controversial content, Izzy attracted a lot of hate towards her personality depicted through her lyrics. Her high-profile dating life has not helped her image in the general public.
In the music world, Iggy Azalea is critiqued as having a “Black American” accent while being a white Australian female. She feels racism has been a part of her whole career. Iggy has made various statements on the criticism she receives. Although some of it she deems fair, there are comments that are over-the-top to say the least. Iggy feels the latter comes from sexism towards her as being a White Australian female in a less privileged industry for her kind. She shows a lot of that in her lyrics, as a bid to remain relevant in a male dominant environment.
Despite all the troubles, she is an Influential figure in the Music industry as one of the very few successful Female Rap stars from Australia.

2. Savage Garden
Savage Garden is a group of duo male Pop stars from Australia. Among them, Darren Hayesconstructed the vocals while Daniel Jones worked on Musical instruments. The band is a gem in the music industry. Their various hits helped the group reach the pinnacle of fame in the Music industry.
The best part of the Savage Garden Music is the emotion it brings out in people. Their lyrics and the corresponding tunes inspire people to love in new and different ways. The Pop culture they induce is quite relaxing and pleasing to listen to. All in all, it gathers a large community of fans that are willing to listen and adapt the stories presented by the band in their Music.
There is a lot of heartbreak involved in relationships as well. People reap the rewards of the love seeds they sow in the minds of their lovers. Savage Garden brings to life ideal love situations as well as the heartbreak and compromise involved in relationships.
The music moves the masses in its own way, but the Savage Garden influence through their Music on the community is quite significant in itself!

3. Sia
Sia is another female star of the Music industry. The Australian born singer has been relevant in the scene for decades. Her fame is the result of her hard work and dedication to the development of her music. She has grown over the years, and adopted new styles to stay trendy in the ever-evolving Music eras.
Sia is known best as a Pop sensation, with “Chandelier” in 2014, “Cheap Thrills” in 2016, and “Elastic Heart” in 2013 being her biggest hits. The songs have a perfect rhythm for dance tracks, but it is the lyrics to the songs that have a bigger influence on Sia’s audience.
First off, Sia’s prefers melodramatic people, which is not unique but is not really common at the same time. In other words, she looks into character more than appearances. It is something she shows in her lyrics as well. “Leave yourself behind, best inside me” is a line that has a meaning in line with her preference in people.
She also looks to connect with her fans on an emotional level. She likes to inspire people through her Music as well as show them solutions to their life struggles through her lyrics. The lyrics to her songs are an inspiration for the down-trodden and the helpless. Sia communicates with metaphors and depictions the likes of which no other singer does.
In more than one way, Sia is an Influencer for her fans and other Music Artists looking to build a career in the industry!

4. Troye Sivan
Troye Sivan is the youngest Music Artist on this list, born in June, 1995. He has roots to South Africa, but his singing career started and currently blooms in Australia. Troye is as talented in the film industry as he is at music, having featured in the X-men Origins: Wolverine.
Troye’s biggest release was the album: “Blue”, which by just the name, contains a sad story. His lyrics are directed towards an imaginary life, one that is induced through drugs and other similar means. His idea is to show people what the lives of drug addicts and fanatical people are like. He aims to spread awareness among the masses about the traumas of such people, and how they deserve help instead of desertion.
Perhaps it is also a struggle Troye has had in his life. He claims to have a dominantly feminine personality, which is not easily accepted among people. Troye Sivan has had to earn the respect of the masses through his Musical artwork, and perhaps depicts the hardships he has faced in his journey.
His status as a Music Artist is an inspiration to people, and he is certainly an influencer in his own right!

Wine of Australia as an Influencer

Similar to the Influential figures in the Australian Music industry, we aim to build our Portfolio Records to touch the souls of the common people. Music and Wine complement each other in a way no other combination does.
Most people choose to drink to forget their troubles for a while. In a similar way, hard hitting music moves people. It gives them hope that someone understands their lives. We wish to strike a balance between the concepts here at Wine of Australia, and inspire a nation to enjoy themselves as they strive for better lives!